Definition of unredressed in English:



  • Not corrected or compensated for.

    ‘unredressed grievances and protests’
    • ‘Chief among the grievances I identify as providing primary justifying grounds for secession are these: persistent and serious violations of individual human rights and past unredressed unjust seizure of territory.’
    • ‘A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser.’
    • ‘However, it may be thought that unredressed torts would be regarded as a canker in society, and to that extent the law can still be regarded as having a pacificatory aim.’
    • ‘Most people want international law to be applied fairly and consistently, and understand that at the root of much of the conflict in the world lies unredressed injustice.’
    • ‘Every nation that carries in its bosom great and unredressed injustice has in it the elements of this last convulsion.’
    • ‘The truth about the dimensions of the Nazis' massive theft of property, the use of forced labour and unredressed injustices to millions has bubbled to the surface.’
    • ‘Rather than allow such a gross piece of dishonesty to go unredressed the Court would struggle with any amount of difficulties in order to perform the agreement.’