Definition of unrecompensed in English:



  • Not rewarded or made amends for.

    • ‘When victory had been fully secured, we withdrew to our own shores unrecompensed save in the consciousness of duty done.’
    • ‘In the last 20 years, four cars piloted by intoxicated illegal aliens have veered off the road into our vineyard, causing thousands of dollars in unrecompensed damage.’
    • ‘Stone's time, in other words, is unrecompensed.’
    • ‘At its most extreme the attitude of large copyright holders seems to be that no unrecompensed use is fair and that none should be permitted.’
    • ‘Corporate officers and directors now face the specter of personal liability unrecompensed by their company or its insurance carrier for shareholder losses, whistleblower claims, and similar types of liabilities.’
    • ‘‘Break, break, break,’ for instance, is a bitter poem on unrecompensed, pointless loss, but it achieves its power and makes its point very indirectly, largely through structural implications.’
    • ‘Few nurseries and Universities would be willing to spend the years of unpaid dedication and unrecompensed expenses independent growers do on a favorite plant.’
    • ‘But however many were in the household, we would know that in her setting, her days would ordinarily be taken up with the hard, unrecompensed work of women of all ages: to feed and clothe and nurture her growing household.’
    • ‘To attend a funeral, a baptizing, or a circus parade, Berkeley will forsake family, friends, customers, and chicken legs; he will go through sun or through rain, by night or by day, in summer or in winter, and will never consider himself unrecompensed.’
    • ‘In many cases, the female role in the cash economy is one of consumer and unrecompensed producer.’
    • ‘However, Library Technicians should not be expected to undertake unrecompensed overtime or special duties on a regular basis.’
    • ‘All the coloured people in my family being born my slaves, but now liberated, I think it my duty not to leave them destitute nor to leave them unrecompensed for past services rendered to me.’
    • ‘Voluntary, unrecompensed blood donors are the foundation of our blood supply.’