Definition of unreasonably in English:



  • 1In a way that is not guided by or based on good sense.

    as submodifier ‘unreasonably pessimistic assumptions’
    sentence adverb ‘rather unreasonably, perhaps, Elliott is worried’
    • ‘They expected, not unreasonably, to be treated to a glorious feast of rampant action, and instead were left feeling bored and cheated.’
    • ‘She seems banal and unreasonably submissive to her boorish husband.’
    • ‘In response, I felt unreasonably protective of my own relationship.’
    • ‘The Danes are not an unreasonably nostalgic people.’
    • ‘I was unreasonably afraid I'd be killed by a cougar when I was a little kid.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is unfair or unacceptable.
      ‘the landlord had acted unreasonably and in breach of his obligations’
      as submodifier ‘unreasonably high prices’
      • ‘The tours of duty for high-risk bomb disposal operators are unreasonably long and arduous.’
      • ‘The jury held that these cigarettes were unreasonably dangerous and defectively designed, and that the company had acted with reckless disregard for consumers.’
      • ‘He has argued that unreasonably low catch limits have hurt the fishermen.’
      • ‘Ticket prices are unreasonably inflated by telephone and agency booking fees.’
      • ‘These shares are not unreasonably priced for high-tech company.’