Definition of unreached in English:



  • Not yet reached, especially by people seeking to convert others to Christianity.

    ‘the Church's awareness of the unreached groups within a nation’
    • ‘Driven by the motto ‘To reach the unreached,’ he has furthered the cause of education, particularly mass literacy and distance education.’
    • ‘I feel women can bring a different perspective and reach audiences - such as women's conferences - formerly unreached.’
    • ‘What is it like to translate the Bible for a previously unreached ethnic group?’
    • ‘Composing word by word the ultimate post that will drive women and wonderchicken-loving men to previously unreached heights of lexically-ecstatic mental fibrillations?’
    • ‘The Madagascar Evangelical Church originated some decades ago through an unusually gifted evangelistic worker, who successfully planted churches in previously unreached situations.’
    • ‘This book gives numerous examples of previously unreached peoples who had retained enough knowledge of the true God and Creator to respond gladly when the complete Gospel finally reached them through missionaries.’
    • ‘He talks about how missionaries begin learning about a culture, they look for Christ-analogies in the culture, because Christ redeems every culture, there is no unreached culture that does not have Christ-Analogies.’
    • ‘Reaching the unreached: How can we use ICTs to empower the rural poor in the developing world through enhanced access to relevant information?’
    • ‘‘An integrated use of the internet and community radio will be an effective means of reaching the unreached and voicing the voiceless,’ he says.’
    • ‘The urgent need to provide Sunday school and children's work materials springs immediately to mind, as well as tools to enable the Chinese church to reach out more effectively to unreached people groups.’
    • ‘Do you believe that evangelicals should strive to reach unreached peoples with the gospel?’
    • ‘Besides, The Salvation Army has a long history of reaching those who may be unreached by many other churches.’
    • ‘In Indonesia especially, survival is now the primary challenge for children in unreached communities.’
    • ‘If we don't shake things up, pretty soon the silent majority will turn into the deaf majority, unreached and untouched by the political musings of those who would be king - or queen.’
    • ‘He also gave factual information on the number of unreached people-groups worldwide.’
    • ‘1 How many unreached peoples are there left in the world’
    • ‘There were many of God's people in Corinth yet unreached with the gospel, and Paul was exhorted to go and preach there that by their faithful response they might be found.’
    • ‘We believe it is part of our Christian mandate to try to reach the most outcast, the most unreached.’
    • ‘‘It used to worry me greatly that there are always people in an audience who are unmoved, unreached by what I do,’ she wrote in her diary of her valedictory year.’
    • ‘Then I thought of the plight of those unreached by the Gospel.’