Definition of unquoted in English:



  • Not quoted or listed on a stock exchange.

    ‘an unquoted company’
    • ‘But becoming a passive minority shareholder in a larger, unquoted regional entity, with an option to exit at a later date, carried no appeal for Michael Buckley.’
    • ‘Many are in unquoted biotech companies and therefore non-liquid.’
    • ‘Its assets consist solely of cash and various quoted and unquoted investments.’
    • ‘VCTs are quoted companies that invest in the shares of unquoted and Aim-listed trading companies.’
    • ‘The company must be an unquoted trading company or unquoted group.’
    • ‘However, I wasn't altogether comfortable with being a minority shareholder in an unquoted vehicle.’
    • ‘The Treasury said: ‘The aim of EISs is to help small unquoted trading companies to raise full-risk equity finance by providing various income-tax and capital-gains tax reliefs to individuals who invest in them.’’
    • ‘His expertise is valuation of businesses, companies, quoted and unquoted securities, intellectual property and intangible assets generally, both in the UK and abroad.’
    • ‘An Enterprise Investment Scheme also invests in unquoted small companies.’
    • ‘Saltire Taverns had sales of £9.3m for the year ending January 31, 2004 and won a place in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 league table of Britain's fastest-growing unquoted companies.’
    • ‘After A-Day, SIPPs can invest in a wide range of assets, including residential property, unquoted shares, and alternative investments, such as antiques, art, vintage cars and wine.’
    • ‘The fund will invest about 80% of its portfolio in quoted stocks in both Europe and the US with the remaining 20% investing in unquoted health and biotech companies which are about 18 months away from flotation.’
    • ‘IN ONE of the biggest potential business deals ever seen for an unquoted York company, Agilisys has been appointed preferred bidder for a £187.5 million deal to bring computerised government to Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council.’
    • ‘Once we're out of Ofex [the unregulated trading facility for unquoted companies] and into a more active market, I see a greater amount of the club's value being unlocked.’
    • ‘But investing in unquoted companies is far, far riskier.’
    • ‘You can put up to £200,000 year into a VCT, which invests in a portfolio of small unquoted companies.’
    • ‘The value of those that are quoted has collapsed, and those that are unquoted are certain to be discounted for illiquidity, and because of the downturn in pharmaceutical and biotech stock values generally.’
    • ‘The long-awaited launch of Scotland's new stock market for unquoted companies, ScotX, is scheduled for mid-June with two likely candidates for the opening day.’
    • ‘Alberto Vilar, the multimillionaire Royal Opera House donor, and Mike Sandifer, launching their charm offensive this week, are set now to talk up the prospects for Amerindo's diverse portfolio of unquoted technology investments.’
    • ‘So instead it was claimed that the national accounts data cover the entire gamut of quoted and unquoted companies.’