Definition of unquotable in English:



  • Not able to be quoted.

    ‘I still have memories of our conversation, but they have become unquotable’
    • ‘As you can see from this beginning of a summary, one thing does very much lead to another, and Lively glides among her different narrative centers so effortlessly as to make the book almost unquotable.’
    • ‘Because, let's face it, hot country is the cheesiest music there ever was, with the possible exception of hyperpatriotic American war anthems in the 1940s, utterly unquotable by today's common man.’
    • ‘Second, the media often made blunders in reporting, like misquoting sources or printing unquotable quotes.’
    • ‘Ninety-eight percent of his remarks are highly technical - utterly brilliant in their command of detail, virtually unquotable in their density of jargon.’
    • ‘You forgot one of his lesser-known liabilities - he speaks in an unquotable tangle of tangents and half finished sentences.’