Definition of unquestioningly in English:



  • See unquestioning

    • ‘I seem to recall that 30 years ago, when christening was a rite carried out almost unquestioningly, godparents were often appointed as a matter of course or protocol, and the role meant little more than remembering birthdays.’
    • ‘The Senate report has determined unquestioningly that Dick Cheney never heard about Wilson's trip.’
    • ‘Some observers interpret these symbols cynically, as opportunistic, basely commercial, unquestioningly nationalistic expressions of pro-war sentiment.’
    • ‘People who unquestioningly forward on hoax virus warnings to their entire address book in the name of ‘being helpful’ make me want to throw them off a cliff in the name of ‘buying them flying lessons’.’
    • ‘The local youth hero-worship and follow him unquestioningly as he sets an example of destruction of a life full of promise by killing brain cells in search of the apparently seductive allure of petrol-fuelled nirvana.’