Definition of unquenchably in English:



  • See unquenchable

    • ‘As Orlando's attitude toward the gypsies gradually alters, Woolf hints that she is reverting to class and type by perceiving her natural and human surroundings as unquenchably romantic.’
    • ‘Greenberg, unquenchably confident, simply shook his head and smiled.’
    • ‘Nearly every building was damaged in some way, either from the flames that unquenchably consumed them, or slashed and destroyed by plasmic and energy weapons.’
    • ‘We journalists become terribly vulnerable when confronted with potential stories that we desperately and unquenchably desire to be true, despite evidence to the contrary.’
    • ‘The unquenchably popular Anne of Green Gables is once again the lead production at the 36th annual Charlottetown Festival, with a new actor in the role of Canada's most famous redhead.’