Definition of unpunished in English:



  • (of an offence or offender) not receiving any punishment or penalty.

    ‘I can't allow such a mistake to go unpunished’
    • ‘His children would have to make sure his crimes did not go unpunished.’
    • ‘Some fouls from Port Vale went unpunished yet, minutes later, a similar offence from a Blackpool player was branded with a booking.’
    • ‘After the war, most of the military leaders responsible for the massacre were left unpunished.’
    • ‘A drunkard twice found lying on the ground walked from court unpunished, after magistrates said they had little choice.’
    • ‘If genocide goes unpunished, it will set a precedent for tomorrow's genocide.’
    • ‘One of the largest mass rapes in our time has gone not only unpunished, to a large extent, it's been overlooked.’
    • ‘Those who masterminded the assassination of Prime Minister Gandhi remain unpunished.’
    • ‘Naturally, such light-hearted shenanigans cannot go unpunished.’
    • ‘Strangely, especially with what was to follow, referee Mark Clattenburg saw it but let the offence go unpunished.’
    • ‘There have been more serious incidents, and plenty of a similar nature, left unpunished over the past couple of seasons.’
    • ‘Sure, he should not go unpunished, but the punishment should fit the crime.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the blood traders remain unpunished, protected by local officials.’
    • ‘Each new offence he commits goes unpunished because, at eight, the boy is two years below the age of legal responsibility.’
    • ‘Basically, it's the idea that crime expands exponentially when small crimes go unpunished.’
    • ‘I agree, but abolishing the death penalty wouldn't mean that we would let crimes go unpunished.’
    • ‘That particular offence went unpunished but Malton soon exacted retribution after a series of forward drives.’
    • ‘Its perpetrators must be punished because crimes unpunished generate more criminals.’
    • ‘The offence went unpunished and possession was lost and in the race to get back Nick Carter made a desperate tackle and was sin-binned.’
    • ‘It is apparent that cheating seldom goes unnoticed, nor unpunished.’
    • ‘They continued to press and could have had a second penalty when a clumsy tackle went unpunished.’
    unpunished, without punishment, unreprimanded
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