Definition of unpunishable in English:



  • Not able to be punished.

    ‘though abortion is generally illegal in both countries, the procedure is unpunishable’
    • ‘Children younger than ten years old are reported as carrying the drugs for the pushers as their behaviour is currently unpunishable.’
    • ‘This bill is not the answer, because when society makes an activity unpunishable by law, that inevitably makes that activity acceptable.’
    • ‘He has to be captured or eliminated in order to put an end to this almost now mystical aura that he has of being invincible, unfindable and unpunishable.’
    • ‘‘I think we have a culture where we don't properly punish juvenile offenders and as a result they feel they are unpunishable so they run rampage,’ she said.’
    • ‘An internal scapegoat, by virtue of perceived ideological affinity with the enemy, then becomes the long lost discursive partner that our unpunishable, silent opponents can never be.’
    • ‘Apparently, race has now overtaken even sex as a predictor of criminality (and that's without allowing for the fact that much female criminality consists of civil and unpunishable cheating on men).’
    • ‘Soon Ammons would set aside such heavy masks as he sought clarity's sound more nakedly, aspiring, as in a lesser-known Ezra poem, to ‘the Way in whose timeless reach/cool thought unpunishable / by bones eternally glides.’’
    • ‘Political correctness is everything: ‘Thou shalt not even contemplate chastising unpunishable classroom hoodlums.’’
    • ‘He may have been weak in body, but his mind was strong, his position impressive, his own faults or misdoings unpunishable by law.’
    • ‘The law plays a major part in determining behaviour; that which is unpunishable by the law becomes increasingly accepted by society.’
    • ‘Helen is an up-and-coming young Manhattan modeling agency administrator, whose party-hard lifestyle and puddle-shallow value system is a priori an unpunishable sin.’