Definition of unpunctual in English:



  • Not happening or doing something at the agreed or proper time.

    ‘the trains into Tbilisi were notoriously unpunctual’
    • ‘Why get riled if this week's citizens are aggravatingly unreliable or irritatingly unpunctual?’
    • ‘He contradicts himself constantly, is temperamental, unpunctual, disorganized and is surrounded by yes-men, he said. " But he does not have a structured mind " with a grand plan to do a Cuban-styled revolution, he added.’
    • ‘No American should need me to tell them about Amtrak and residents of Australia's largest city are almost beyond frustration with their dangerous and unpunctual trains too.’
    • ‘You should write to the unpunctual employee, explaining your concerns about his time-keeping, giving the dates and details of his lateness and asking him to attend a meeting.’
    • ‘Habitually unpunctual, he seldom arrived at his office before 1 p.m., but then stayed late, writing heavily annotated letters of recommendation that turned many customers into friends.’
    • ‘Film stars are notorious for being unreliable, unpunctual, and full of themselves.’
    • ‘Despite her classic feminine behaviour, forgetful, clumsy, unpunctual and indecisive, she succeeds in her quest to find Susan (Madonna).’
    • ‘He was usually unpunctual, since Rick was one of those people who liked to show up fashionably late so all the attention could be showered on him as he made his grand entrance.’
    • ‘As a result of this, clients perceived Spoornet as being unpunctual, inflexible and costly.’
    • ‘Whoever is unpunctual deserves that other people should reprove him for being unpunctual.’
    • ‘Insufficient or unpunctual transportation is an economic weakness; chaotic traffic reduces people's quality of life.’
    • ‘Trains are dirty, unpunctual and (if travelling at peak time) I sometimes get a seat.’
    inconsistent, unsteady, uneven, shaky, fitful, patchy, variable, varying, changeable, changing, ever-changing, on-and-off, off-and-on, inconstant, erratic, haphazard, unstable, unsettled, spasmodic, sporadic, episodic, intermittent, occasional, wavering, fluctuating, aperiodic, unsystematic, unmethodical, capricious
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