Definition of unpublishable in English:



  • See unpublished

    • ‘It is widely agreed in publishing circles (on the basis of countless years of experience) that many of these manuscripts will be unreadable, unpublishable junk.’
    • ‘Unprincipled, unpublishable in any legitimate commercial context, they drove prices down by their readiness to appear anywhere, do anything.’
    • ‘Some Singaporeans, emboldened by the drive for feedback, seem to be taking the government at its word with a temerity that would have been unthinkable - and unpublishable - in the past.’
    • ‘The shadow of violence in her work, her refusal to sweeten any pills, her relish in bad behaviour masquerading as stern moralising - her modern equivalent would be unpublishable today.’
    • ‘He wrote his first book when he was 37 or 38, but he'd spent 16 years struggling to write a book that was unpublishable, and only in the last ten years of his life was devoted to writing.’