Definition of unpruned in English:



  • Not pruned.

    ‘they decided to live among the scraggly unpruned trees’
    ‘structured, unpruned data’
    • ‘Let them die back naturally and leave the stems unpruned until new growth starts in spring.’
    • ‘When John first arrives at his prospective plantation, he describes how he finds the vines growing in ‘wild and unpruned luxuriance,’ a state that he intends to ‘improve’ upon.’
    • ‘If they have been regularly pruned there should be lots of new shoots at the base and you can cut back to these - it feels as though you are destroying the plant but left unpruned they soon become straggly and unsightly.’
    • ‘Growth and foliage density may even be less than that on an unpruned tree.’
    • ‘Allow climbers to grow unpruned (except to remove dead or broken branches) for two or three years.’
    • ‘In a small garden every weed or unpruned bush is conspicuous.’
    • ‘However, some hybrid varieties flower on short side shoots grown in the current year and these are best left unpruned.’
    • ‘As his commitment to the ‘wild and unpruned luxuriance’ of the vineyard indicates, his vision is one of land and human culture coexisting in an ecologically sustainable way.’
    • ‘A, Actinidia chinensis female vine growing at the HortResearch Kumeu Research Orchard near Auckland, New Zealand and left unpruned for 3 years.’
    • ‘It grows fast, to 20 feet in three years if left unpruned.’
    • ‘However, this ease of growth also suggests that a firm hand needs to be taken with it if it is not to get out of hand and an unpruned shrub can reach large proportions within a few years.’
    • ‘Effective in groupings near large buildings and also makes a good screen or unpruned hedge.’
    • ‘At lunchtime, staring out of the window in the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of a butterfly fluttering its yellow-dotted large wings on leafy shadows cast by one of the camellia bushes I left unpruned for years now.’
    • ‘Hardy, tolerant of most soils and suitable for sun or partial shade, it can be maintained as a single stemmed tree or, left unpruned, in eight years will make a bush of 10 feet by 10 feet.’
    • ‘Clematis montana will be in full flower in many gardens at the moment and is generally left unpruned.’
    • ‘I also took the opportunity to cut the stems back to low buds, the best thing to do in early spring with these vigorous shrubs, which can grow very large if left unpruned.’
    • ‘This is an important job as these attractive small shrubs, often used as low hedging, will quickly become woody if left unpruned.’
    • ‘But from here I can see the shrubs that haven't died under my care and watch my neighbour's hulking, unpruned apple tree go through its changes over the coming months.’
    • ‘The perimeter plants are left loose, informal and, for the most part, unpruned.’
    • ‘Only in a completely unpruned orchard would the full 1.0 density factor be needed.’
    • ‘This reduced budbreak is the principal means by which unpruned vines in their natural state avoid overcropping, which may weaken the vine and shorten its life.’
    • ‘If you leave it unpruned you can get a huge unruly thicket within a few years.’
    • ‘There were no safety gates or flashing lights, and unpruned trees obscured the view.’
    • ‘When Professor Nelson Shaulis of Cornell University in New York state was visiting the CSIRO at Merbein in Victoria, Australia, he debated with Dr Allan Antcliff whether an unpruned vine might die.’