Definition of unprovoked in English:



  • Carried out, occurring, or acting without direct provocation.

    ‘an unprovoked attack on an innocent man’
    • ‘The boys' parents are alleged to have carried out the unprovoked assault.’
    • ‘He is also about 12 years of age and, as far as we know, it was a completely unprovoked assault.’
    • ‘We have been led to believe that this was an unprovoked outburst of baseless hatred on the part of the German people.’
    • ‘It is an horrific and extremely cowardly attack, which was totally unprovoked.’
    • ‘The incident appears to be completely unprovoked.’
    • ‘A detective described the violence in Thornhill, Dewsbury, by a gang of white men and women as ‘nasty’ and unprovoked.’
    • ‘It's a euphemism to call Bush's war on Iraq ‘a war of choice’; it was a classic unprovoked war of aggression.’
    • ‘The International Shark Attack File lists bull sharks as historically responsible for at least 69 unprovoked attacks on humans around the world and 17 deaths.’
    • ‘Lorraine's comment was unprovoked, a direct verbal assault done for the sole purpose of her own malicious pleasure.’
    • ‘He was unapologetic about the death of one demonstrator and the beatings, false imprisonments, torture, and unprovoked attacks on countless others.’
    • ‘The US will portray the resolution as a UN sanction for an unprovoked war of aggression.’
    • ‘However, the attacks were also unprovoked and unrelated to any specific activity, emotional upset, or food intake.’
    • ‘It is difficult to imagine the terror he must have felt as that wholly unprovoked attack was carried out on him.’
    • ‘The unprovoked invasion, conquest, and occupation of Iraq should never have happened.’
    • ‘McQuillian, of Colchester CID, said it was important to catch the men as quickly as possible, adding that the stabbing seemed to have been unprovoked.’
    • ‘He suffered an unprovoked head butt during a night out in November.’
    • ‘This isn't some aggrieved person tipped over the edge with a motive to perpetrate evil - this is a seemingly random and unprovoked sequence of events.’
    • ‘Suffice it to say that this incident deserves careful examination, but so far the thesis that it was a deliberate and unprovoked attack on the hotel intended to scare, or even kill, journalists is simply unfounded.’
    • ‘The brutality of life on the streets of Waterford city is once again under sharp focus following a horrific unprovoked attack in the vicinity of the Strawberry Hill estate at Ballytruckle.’
    • ‘As a temporary UN Security Council member, it has a rare (for an Arab country) opportunity to make a noisy stink about unprovoked aggression.’
    • ‘The most serious was unprovoked invasion of a sovereign state that offered no threat to ones homeland.’
    • ‘A 20-YEAR-OLD Irishman who suffered serious head injuries in an unprovoked attack in the US has regained consciousness after being in a coma for almost a week.’
    • ‘Completely out of the blue this dog made an unprovoked lunge at Atlas and Montgomery, who I did have on a lead.’
    • ‘In a seemingly unprovoked incident, the attackers hit both men and women in the 16-strong party, with a 72-year-old woman left unconscious.’
    • ‘Having annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia, he began World War II by an unprovoked attack against Poland in 1939.’
    • ‘If you are embarked on a murderous, unprovoked onslaught on your neighbors, with the general aim of European and then Global Hegemony, then you are embarked on a truly insane course.’
    • ‘We were so shocked at being on the receiving end of such an unprovoked outburst, we had to check with each other that this guy had actually said what we thought he'd said.’
    • ‘We don't know whether it was unprovoked or whether there had been an incident earlier in the evening.’
    • ‘He said the girls' parents were appalled to think that ordinary law abiding members of the public could be subjected to such unprovoked violence, especially when with a group.’
    • ‘Once again we have seen a totally unprovoked and malicious attack carried out on impulse.’
    • ‘They could either release the man back into the community, whose sense of social solidarity he had so reinforced by his unprovoked attack on a random stranger, or they could charge him and put him before the courts.’
    • ‘An attack on Iraq would be an unprovoked act of aggression.’
    • ‘The French claimed the attack was unprovoked, although they admitted the attack came after they had fired muskets over the heads of a few Samoans to persuade them to release a grapnel rope to a long boat.’
    • ‘This was an unprovoked, violent assault and whoever carried it out could quite easily do it again.’
    • ‘Yet men are still extraordinarily patient in dealing with these harridans and often just smile benignly and ignore their unprovoked attacks.’
    • ‘The December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor was an unprovoked act of aggression by the Empire of Japan.’
    • ‘How dare they sell us a war that was unprovoked and unnecessary?’
    • ‘There was a time not so long ago when people like de Jesus were written up in the newspapers as ‘man slain in unprovoked attack on police.’’
    • ‘In 1982 the Israelis mounted an unprovoked invasion of Lebanon as Ariel Sharon sought to destroy the remnants of the weakened PLO in Beirut.’
    • ‘We insist that those responsible for conspiring to wage unprovoked wars and carry out illegal coups must be tried for war crimes.’
    unjustified, without reason, uncalled for, unwarranted, undue
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