Definition of unproud in English:



  • Not having a high opinion of one's worth or accomplishments.

    ‘I had sensed how relatively unproud of her face and upper body she was’
    ‘he is not unconscious nor unproud of this freedom’
    • ‘But instead, ladies and gentlemen, I am unproud to have to announce that rock has morphed into another musical concept with about as much dignity as a TV evangelist.’
    • ‘I was most conscience-stricken by my anguished looking mother's tearful eyes; an unproud image now permanently carved into my subconscious.’
    • ‘I've been with people who were not proud to be gay: Some were actively unproud of being gay; some were still actively ashamed by their parents; some, you just weren't allowed to talk about it.’
    • ‘His unproud papa, a successful civil servant who prefers to be called Khun Luang or ‘Master,’ treats Jan as the black sheep.’