Definition of unprotestingly in English:



  • See unprotesting

    • ‘But these are as nothing in British eyes compared with the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava, in which some 700 horsemen rode unprotestingly into what every trooper knew was a trap.’
    • ‘Rather than cause a row, we swallowed our pride - and our irritation - and went on unprotestingly with our work.’
    • ‘Christians were not allowed to drink or smoke, but they could stare unprotestingly at endless commercials for beer, wine, and cigarettes.’
    • ‘I had to join in and march, unprotestingly, together with these raging wretches, towards an unknown bloodbath.’
    • ‘They both stood motionless a moment, and then she reached out, took his ear and led him unprotestingly to the corner.’