Definition of unprompted in English:



  • Said, done, or acting without being encouraged or assisted.

    ‘unprompted, the guys in the next booth joined in’
    ‘an unprompted apology’
    • ‘came the opening night audience's unprompted reaction.’
    • ‘In exceptional circumstances however, consideration will be given to a further reduction, for example where you have made a full and unprompted voluntary disclosure, as in a. b. and c. above.’
    • ‘That's partly because people who are stoned are so often tedious with it, and partly because I'm blessed - others say cursed - with a facility for unprompted auditory and visual hallucinations.’
    • ‘The aim was twofold: first, to discover whether informants really did understand storytelling primarily in rationalised terms; and second, if they did, to obtain unprompted testimony as to the content of these rationalisations.’
    • ‘I mean, completely unprompted and unsolicited.’
    • ‘For instance, I learned that my husband is capable of astonishing unprompted feats of tidiness when the house in question contains a motor.’
    • ‘In fairness to the sluglike one, he offered an unprompted apology for his bit of weirdness two weeks ago, referring to the incident as ‘an unfortunate blip’.’
    • ‘Without being asked about McNaughton he volunteered the unprompted observation that he had been ‘nervous’, a remark which so infuriated Aberdeen they complained to the SFA on Thursday.’
    • ‘Here we use functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify and characterize the neural substrates that support unprompted auditory imagery and find that auditory and visual imagery seem to obey similar basic neural principles.’
    • ‘Heavens, it was so good, it spawned an unprompted comments thread here, which I've tacked onto the bottom of this post.’
    • ‘This is the first instance of unprompted reading without clues or context.’
    • ‘A friend made the completely unprompted comment that she had done exactly the same thing.’
    • ‘He was unarmed and taken entirely by surprise by your brutal and unprompted attack.’
    • ‘Simon Durham of Poster Plan said the research showed that Generation Y2K had high levels of unprompted advertising recall and, unlike their parents or older siblings, the word recession didn't even feature in their vocabulary.’
    • ‘His unprompted use of the precise number bears witness to a weary familiarity with it.’
    • ‘Staff stood amazed as they listened to this unprompted assault on Stewart's integrity.’
    • ‘What I didn't expect was Isaac's unprompted reaction, which in itself says a lot.’
    • ‘The Novartis Foundation's MRS responds to unprompted inquiries from journalists.’
    • ‘No, these were entirely unscripted, unprompted, and for that matter, uncalled for assessments.’
    • ‘‘It's Jim Baxter country,’ he says, which is very helpful of him, and more than many an older professional would offer, but it is the kind of unprompted comment that sets off alarm bells in the minds of media-savvy managers.’
    gratuitous, unnecessary, needless, unneeded, inessential
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