Definition of unprofitably in English:



  • See unprofitable

    • ‘Nevertheless, James Arkle earned relief with a long kick out of defence and Andy Hurst, unprofitably shifted from centre to wing, picked up a loose ball to embark on a characteristic weaving run down the middle.’
    • ‘We discovered that disclosure of infidelity precipitates a ‘roller coaster’ of emotions that can cycle unprofitably.’
    • ‘Because of the feeble English habit of becoming unprofitably enmeshed in a Scandinavian war, the eventual conflict is usually resolved quickly and terminally in France's favour.’
    • ‘Chernow estimates that Standard Oil charged unprofitably low prices in 9,000 out 37,000 towns where tank wagons distributed the oil.’
    • ‘There the hungry office-boy may feed, and the odd minutes of the clerk's luncheon-hour may be most pleasantly, though, unprofitably, spent.’