Definition of unproductively in English:



  • See unproductive

    • ‘Itinerant professionals are quite happy to pay about $2 an hour for the convenience of being able to do work productively during what might otherwise have been time unproductively spent.’
    • ‘She added: ‘Effectively, half a day (ten per cent of the school week) would be taken up with the swimming trip, most of which would be spent unproductively travelling to and from the pool.’’
    • ‘In the middle of an acrimonious divorce - about which he seems in turns indifferent and volatile - Rainey spends most of his time sleeping, staring unproductively at his computer screen and talking to his dog.’
    • ‘Part of the site will be used for residential development and will provide the company with a windfall from property that would otherwise have been used unproductively.’
    • ‘Mr Lee Sing's on-air upbraiding of Mr Enoch's team is therefore a classic example of what a good leader should never do, as any employee put to such ignominy is almost certain to respond unproductively.’