Definition of unprocessed in English:



  • Not processed.

    ‘fresh, unprocessed food’
    • ‘Natural functional foods are unprocessed whole foods that possess disease-fighting components.’
    • ‘The safest way to avoid MSG is to stick to whole, unprocessed foods - those that don't come in a can or other packaging.’
    • ‘Yet, the modern health food movement has proven unprocessed grains, including brown rice, to be healthier than their refined counterparts.’
    • ‘Working out exactly what to eat to achieve the goal of total nutrition is far more complex, especially in a modern world surrounded by food that often bears little resemblance to unprocessed, natural food.’
    • ‘A positive way to combat the state of our children's diets is to opt for natural, unprocessed foods.’
    • ‘When using dried extracts of Chinese herbs, some of these are available in their unprocessed or processed form while others are not.’
    • ‘‘Look for foods that are as unprocessed as possible,’ says nutritionist Elizabeth Somer.’
    • ‘The Food for Life programme is designed to ensure schools serve unprocessed, fresh food with half of ingredients sourced locally and a third organically.’
    • ‘Diamonds and other minerals are the most important exports, followed by processed and unprocessed fish, other food products, and live animals.’
    • ‘He was once asked to write something funny about the unfairness of the differential in tariffs imposed on processed and unprocessed Tanzanian coffee.’
    • ‘This method of carving is also apparent in Lazarus, as the statue has a natural, unprocessed look.’
    • ‘In fact, the state undertakes to promote the development of the food industry and the rural areas, and to help producers of quality processed and unprocessed farm produce.’
    • ‘We have come a long way from fresh air, exercise, pure drinking water and unprocessed food - all natural essentials for good health.’
    • ‘So food that is contaminated prior to processing can give rise to liability under the Act, once processed, whereas the same contaminated food sold to consumers unprocessed is not within the Act.’
    • ‘Fruit, natural yoghurt and unprocessed bread, washed down with a glass of good red wine or a dark beer is about as effective a tonic as you can get these days.’
    • ‘The limits of these sections can best be illustrated by examining a specific case, the US export ban on unprocessed logs from federal and state lands.’
    • ‘Mix provides a continuously adjustable balance between processed and unprocessed signals.’
    • ‘Home-made from good ingredients, meatballs are a relatively natural and unprocessed food.’
    • ‘Many international counselors are accustomed to the fresh, unprocessed foods that are the norm in many countries.’
    • ‘No logs are exported but about 70% of mahogany leaves Fiji in the relatively unprocessed form of rough sawn timber.’
    untreated, unpurified, crude, raw, natural, plain, coarse, rough, unworked, unprepared, unmilled, unfinished
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