Definition of unproblematically in English:



  • See unproblematic

    • ‘Rock music has conventionally - though not always or unproblematically - privileged performers who exist in the margins of culture (or at least put forth a convincing performance to this effect).’
    • ‘I have commented briefly before on recent attempts to identify the Left unproblematically with the values of, and the extant facts of, ‘constitutional democracy’, and Enlightenment principles of equality and enfranchisement.’
    • ‘It's as if all theory has to be judged by the standards of bourgeois etiquette (with the pathetic, utterly reactionary image of women plain fainting away at the sight of an aggression unproblematically associated with men).’
    • ‘A related note - I heard so much vituperation unleashed at Eyes Wide Shut that when I actually saw it, I thought it was quite good - it just wasn't doing what the critics wanted it to do, which was be unproblematically erotic.’
    • ‘After the pictorial revolutions of Cubism and abstractionism, it was no longer possible to pretend that surface and structure could unproblematically be melded in the production of a representational picture space.’