Definition of unpriced in English:



  • Having no marked or stated price.

    ‘the street is full of exclusive shops that drape unpriced garments in their windows’
    ‘calendars and diaries will be unpriced on delivery’
    • ‘I wrote on my unpriced copy the figures Mr. Sharif had put down.’
    • ‘Census plans to measure the market value of transactions, excluding unpriced transactions such as free software available on the Internet.’
    • ‘We create new economic incentives in the market by altering the relative price of pollution or an otherwise unpriced environmental asset.’
    • ‘As these are the unpriced ones with ‘1st’ written on them, they will still be valid after the price rise.’
    • ‘Does the GPC (General Practitioners Committee) really think that general practitioners are stupid enough to vote for a completely unpriced contract?’
    • ‘Markets of themselves cannot provide efficient water prices in the face of unpriced environmental externalities.’