Definition of unpreventable in English:



  • Not able to be prevented or avoided.

    ‘until now this devastating disease has been unpreventable’
    • ‘Be it multinationals, local governments or the West, Africa's poverty amid such natural wealth is neither accidental nor unpreventable.’
    • ‘Government and health ministry officials try to paint a picture of the dengue epidemics as unpreventable natural disasters.’
    • ‘Like the acts of God that insurance companies protect themselves against, they are also unpreventable.’
    • ‘Once I believed that blindness, deafness, tuberculosis and other causes of suffering were necessary, unpreventable.’
    • ‘A second inquiry found that a suicide bombing that killed another Canadian in Kabul in January was equally unpreventable.’
    • ‘It was an inside job, it was unpreventable, and most of the missing artifacts have been found.’
    • ‘Almost of the untoward things going on right now were absolutely predictable and unpreventable once we launched the war.’
    • ‘I did a number of things to try to prevent it and then, when I saw it was unpreventable, to hide it.’
    • ‘It sounds from what you're saying like this is a nearly unpreventable problem at least for now until they figure out what to do.’
    • ‘Polly Morgan, 29, is a trained taxidermist and has made her name fashioning art out of dead animals that have met accidental or unpreventable death.’
    • ‘The state and national governments have treated the current heat wave as just another natural disaster and the hundreds of deaths as regrettable, but unpreventable.’
    • ‘In a contrary view, a prominent columnist maintains that " homosexuality is not an unpreventable disease, it is an option.’
    • ‘The physical reality is that women's breasts sag with childbirth and age, something that is unpreventable.’
    • ‘Reasons given were grouped into unpreventable or preventable.’
    • ‘They will fall prey to maddening and unpreventable guerrilla attacks rather than dying heroically during a lightning strike on Baghdad.’
    • ‘We have previously reported that half of the cases were associated with unpreventable catastrophic events or antenatal hypoxia.’
    • ‘Honest, unpreventable delays or cancellations would in fact cost airlines a good deal of money.’
    • ‘All the evidence suggests that, far from September 11 being unpreventable, it was foreseen by the US intelligence apparatus and permitted to happen.’
    • ‘Civilian casualties are unfortunate and sometimes an unpreventable by-product of war.’
    • ‘It was a singular, unpreventable event that has unfairly tarred all businesses.’
    inescapable, inevitable, bound to happen, sure to happen, inexorable, assured, certain, for sure, sure, fated, predestined, predetermined, preordained, ineluctable, necessary, compulsory, required, obligatory, mandatory, prescribed, out of one's hands
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