Definition of unpretentiousness in English:



  • See unpretentious

    • ‘He endeared himself to all of them by his utter sincerity and unpretentiousness, his extreme modesty, his engaging humour…, his faithfulness…’
    • ‘There are also qualities about the sport, like unselfishness and unpretentiousness, that distinguish it from flashier rivals’.’
    • ‘Although people of various body types identify as bears (the moniker refers to their more-than-passing resemblance to the hirsute forest dwellers), they're all connected by a shared attitude of unpretentiousness and brotherhood.’
    • ‘Part of what I like about Spider-Man is that despite its staggering budget and daunting market clout, it stays in touch with the unpretentiousness of the source material.’
    • ‘Referring to the beauty of Morocco, he said: ‘There is a certain ruggedness and total unpretentiousness about the place which really attracts me.’’