Definition of unpressurized in English:


(British unpressurised)


  • 1(of a gas or its container) not having raised pressure that is produced or maintained artificially.

    ‘in unpressurized air, the vapour levels were too low to trigger a serious fire’
    • ‘During this second day, the pressurized plant grew faster than the unpressurized one in the light period, but during the night it grew slower.’
    • ‘Past studies failed to show a therapeutic difference between hyperbaric and unpressurized oxygen therapy.’
    • ‘The unpressurized oil drain ducts from the cylinder heads are arranged on the outer sides, as in the case of V engines.’
    • ‘Data are means 1 SD for three unpressurized plants.’
    • ‘Plants under balancing pressure grew faster than unpressurized plants during the photoperiod of day 3, but slower during the dark period of day 4.’
    • ‘It was generally observed that roots responded to applied pressure more rapidly if they had first become established in unpressurized medium for 36 h. Thus this initial period of establishment was used in all experiments.’
    1. 1.1 (of an aircraft cabin) not having normal atmospheric pressure maintained at a high altitude.
      ‘the unpressurized rear fuselage’
      • ‘If you have to travel in an unpressurized aircraft, talk to your doctor about extra precautions.’
      • ‘The unpopular, unpressurised Shorts 360 aircraft used by Loganair are to be phased out by the end of August.’
      • ‘The company received certification in 1994 for an unpressurized version of the Jetcruzer 450 turboprop single, but the airplane never went into production.’
      • ‘For a few people, painful episodes may occur if they fly in unpressurized planes at high altitudes.’
      • ‘The KC-10A supplementary fuel tankage system, selected after extensive studies, includes seven unpressurized integral-body fuel cells, four aft of the wing and three forward, all located in underdeck vented cavities.’
      • ‘The flying boats carried some thirty people in an unpressurised cabin.’
      • ‘The sight of a nurse was reassuring to nervous flyers, especially in the unsteady confines of unpressurised cabins.’
      • ‘There are no meals on board, and passengers receive boiled sweets to suck to help them cope with the air pressure in the unpressurised cabin.’
      • ‘The report stated that the pilot and passengers were probably incapacitated as a result of altitude hypoxia due to the aircraft being unpressurised and their not receiving supplemental oxygen.’
      • ‘The unpressurised nosewheel bay is below the flight deck.’
      • ‘At high altitudes in an unpressurized cabin, pilots and passengers will eventually fall unconscious from lack of oxygen, or worse.’
      • ‘They were flying a cabin-class, twin-engine Cessna 335, the unpressurized precursor to the Cessna 340.’
      • ‘So given the Aztec is unpressurized, the door is a flimsy little aluminium thing, and all the passengers were seatbelted, it wasn't as much of a Hollywood-type emergency as I first imagined.’
      • ‘It was a Chinese Y - 12 twin-turboprop utility aircraft with accommodation for 17 passengers - unpressurised for extra discomfort.’
      • ‘P - 38's had unpressurized cabins, so pilots wore oxygen masks.’
      • ‘What does that image mean to the American people, a guy who can actually get into a super sonic plane, and actually fly in an unpressurized cabin, like an actual jet pilot?’
      • ‘With production getting underway in the late 1950s, the company created the Marketeer which was an unpressurized variant that had the rear spar (which limited cabin access) replaced by a strong and efficient ring spar.’
      • ‘However, we quickly developed a pressurization problem which required us to fly the mission at FL240 unpressurized and breathing oxygen for over 3 hours.’
      • ‘A recent such program drew about two dozen pilots of high-performance and turbocharged Mooneys for a weekend in Washington, D.C. Some of the airplanes this group flies - all unpressurized - have service ceilings as high as 28,000 feet.’
      • ‘It is quicker to fly but the Tan airstrip is only usable by small unpressurised aircraft in clear weather; navigational equipment is useless in these high mountains and steep valleys.’