Definition of unpreserved in English:



  • (especially of food) not preserved.

    • ‘Spoiling by bacteria or oxidation are two risks inherent in unpreserved wine.’
    • ‘That which goes unrecorded goes unpreserved except in the vanishing moment of our individual lives.’
    • ‘The state of having his papers mislabeled and unpreserved was anything but rigorous.’
    • ‘One possible explanation is that previously bound electrolytes became free over time, increasing more rapidly with the elevated pH levels found in the unpreserved samples.’
    • ‘Specimens stored unpreserved at ambient temperature yielded unacceptable standard deviations for pH, ammonia, creatinine, and osmolality.’
    • ‘Because of the unpleasant nature of dissection on unpreserved and often decomposing material, both anatomy and practitioners followed a somewhat chequered course.’
    • ‘Sadly, many audio collections remain unpreserved or uncatalogued for lack of money or lack of institutional interest.’
    • ‘The hull breach had contaminated the galley stores and ruined most of the unpreserved food.’
    • ‘Even in this era there are still many unpreserved films.’
    • ‘In some cases when food is uncooked, unpreserved, and no oxygen is present, anaerobic bacteria, like the one that causes botulism, can flourish.’
    • ‘The supermarket is a huge store full of food in cans, bags, and "fresh", that is, unpreserved but stuffed with disgusting steroids and grown in artificial fertilizer.’
    • ‘Most of the film from the 1920s and 1930s is not commercially exploited, which means most of the film from the 1920s and 1930s sits unpreserved and rotting away.’
    newly harvested, garden-fresh, not stale, crisp, firm, unwilted, unfaded
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