Definition of unpresentable in English:



  • Not clean, smart, or decent enough to be seen in public.

    ‘I'll say you are an unpresentable aunt’
    • ‘But Lowell remains a more audacious, more unpresentable maker than even the most sympathetic acolyte can allow.’
    • ‘Overall, the ‘strong emotions’ seek out what cannot be put into propositions, or even words: everything that is mysterious and unpresentable.’
    • ‘Is this really about Taiwan's national security or just something unpresentable?’
    • ‘Mother seems to think me unpresentable otherwise.’
    • ‘At the dacha they were told that Stalin had been put on a sofa in the small dining room ‘in an unpresentable state’ and was now asleep.’
    • ‘What was he going to do with this unpresentable woman?’
    • ‘Having unsightly water spots everywhere, like your glass shower doors, walls, fixtures, and mirrors, can leave your bath looking embarrassingly unpresentable all the time.’
    • ‘Motion is unpresentable as such but leaves a conceptual trace, not unlike Lyotard's description of the postmodern: ‘the postmodern would be that which, in the modern, puts forward the unpresentable in presentation itself.’’
    • ‘The guy himself, all smoky and tallow-smeared and unpresentable, is bad enough; far worse, from the point of view of proliferating chaos, is his stuff.’
    • ‘Born in London in 1914 and educated at private schools, he never knew his father and grew up in lodgings with a mother who was as improvident as she was unpresentable.’
    • ‘Jean-Francois Lyotard famously defined postmodernism in terms of the sublime and posited it as presenting what is unpresentable, excessive, regardless of order and perfection.’
    • ‘And those members of the body which we think to be less honourable, on these we bestow greater honour; and our unpresentable parts have greater modesty’.’
    • ‘Finally, some observers report, bull terriers were commissioned to smooth out remnants of the otter hound cross that were considered unpresentable after the Airedale had entered the show ring in the 1860s.’
    • ‘You got it - I apologize to my classmates for the fact that I will soon be arriving to class every day sweaty, parched, exhausted and far too unpresentable to allow you to enjoy your learning environment in any capacity.’