Definition of unpremeditated in English:



  • (of an act, remark, or state) not thought out or planned beforehand.

    ‘it was a totally unpremeditated attack’
    • ‘His curiosity about my vision and experiences served to solicit my unscripted, unpremeditated and fairly stream-of-consciousness truth-telling commentary.’
    • ‘They looked unpremeditated, as though they were spontaneous, rapidly executed records of fleeting perceptions-like impressions, translated into a shorthand language of stroke and color.’
    • ‘We blow hard against teenagers who have unpremeditated sex but do little to ensure they don't pass on their misfortune or mistakes to their own children.’
    • ‘The 47-year-old Adiguna is charged with unpremeditated murder and illegal possession of a gun, which carry a 15-year prison term and a life sentence respectively.’
    • ‘Because at its most effective, this album is kinda everything it should be, and everything we should ask: Something simple, beautiful, and coherent, something that feels remarkably imaginative but entirely unpremeditated.’
    • ‘He admitted one count of unpremeditated murder and one count of soliciting another soldier to commit unpremeditated murder.’
    • ‘But since the interrelation of consciousness and world in language is rendered so disjunctive as to disengage the easy response, generosity and the unpremeditated seem also impossible.’
    • ‘It's clear that the male has an immediate advantage to the dating game, merely in his unpremeditated approach, differing radically to the carefully scheduled and pre-rehearsed moves of the female.’
    • ‘In the same mood, Anonymous by Robert Flynn Johnson (Thames & Hudson £19.95) gives us 220 images by unknown photographers whose images are fresh and unpremeditated.’
    • ‘His longest chapter is devoted to the Irish insurrection of 1641, an unpremeditated but also disorganised, unfocused and bloody effort to improve property rights and secure religious freedoms.’
    • ‘In English Romantic Poetry and Prose, Russell Noyes enlarges upon Shelley's ‘profuse strains of unpremeditated art’.’
    • ‘26 As we argue in the conclusion of this paper, unpremeditated exploration applies not only to the caprice as the representation of architecture in painting but links the imaginary edifice to narratives of travel in the literary text.’
    • ‘Robert Duval, prosecuting, said: ‘This was a single blow delivered by an intact glass in what was an unpremeditated attack by a man who had been drinking since 3pm.’’
    • ‘The other is unpremeditated, as in improvised comedy.’
    • ‘Then an unpremeditated confrontation developed - perhaps the people doing the tailgating took Mirecki getting out as a challenge or something - but Mirecki didn't put up much of a fight, and the assailants took off.’
    • ‘In the scientific story, as in the culinary one, long-term outcomes were unpremeditated.’
    • ‘Referring to her essentially intuitive, unpremeditated process of creation, Panesar once described her as a ‘living collage‘.’
    • ‘How entranced we were in our games, reacting spontaneously and with unpremeditated laughter and tears.’
    • ‘Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny said in recent weeks the country had seen an unprecedented rise in the incidence of unpremeditated violence on our streets.’
    • ‘"This was not an unpremeditated attack, say the prosecution, and the Crown say this evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates there was cold calculation about the attack upon Mr Turner."’
    unplanned, spontaneous, unprepared, unarranged, uncontrolled, unintentional, unintended, extempore, extemporary, extemporized, extemporaneous, impromptu, ad lib
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