Definition of unprejudiced in English:



  • Not having or showing a dislike or distrust based on fixed or preconceived ideas.

    ‘an unprejudiced reading of the New Testament’
    • ‘Listen to Ullmann speak, or read her bestsellers Changing and Choices and you will be surprised by her diarist's style - direct, unprejudiced, frank and personal.’
    • ‘While the subject matter may be terminally uneasy viewing for many, the unprejudiced should award accolades to a surrealistic tale of brotherly love and dealing with one's lot.’
    • ‘Even to the unprejudiced eye, the ‘Mysore Generation’ seems to be as variously gifted as the ‘Bloomsbury Group’ - and yet there is a whole shelf of books on the latter, not one on the former.’
    • ‘Only in this way can the unprejudiced and unbiased position of the Times be understood.’
    • ‘Impartiality also requires an open, unprejudiced mind.’
    • ‘And who is smart enough, fair enough, or unprejudiced enough to make that kind of judgment?’
    • ‘For Afghans, Shias, Uzbeks, Indians and others who fell outside that circle he reserved an overarching and curiously unprejudiced dislike.’
    • ‘Asylum is a hot political issue, which divides public opinion: many of the cases themselves are emotionally moving, and it is Carole's job to maintain a clear and unprejudiced mind to adjudicate fairly.’
    • ‘In both stories the narrator must learn to act in an independent, self-motivated, unprejudiced, and inner-directed way.’
    • ‘As his brilliant biographies demonstrate, he had extraordinary insight and a naturally unprejudiced mind.’
    • ‘He or she could be a decent, reserved, open-minded, unprejudiced, intelligent conservative such as Judge Michael McConnell.’
    • ‘He was really ‘above it all’ you might say, with a very disinterested, unprejudiced mind.’
    • ‘The picture by Picasso could have been admired by an unprejudiced critic a thousand years ago, and will be a thousand years hence.’
    • ‘Generally, they can be counted upon to demonstrate a fair and unprejudiced judgement that attempts to temper personal bias through recognition of wider social implications.’
    • ‘Most of us recognize and value the efforts of the very early feminists - the vote (way back), equal pay for equal jobs, fair and unprejudiced admission to colleges.’
    • ‘From the tireless Anne Bayefsky comes another jaw-dropping illustration of the UN's balanced, sane and unprejudiced attitude towards the Jews.’
    • ‘I'm going to have to go back in there and speak with her as though I were an unprejudiced bystander.’
    • ‘Why is it ok for CNN to be completely biased towards Americans and BBC to be biased towards the British but Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya have to objective and unprejudiced and, preferably, pander to American public opinion?’
    • ‘She saw what they saw, encouraged the expression of their ideas and spontaneously offered them unprejudiced consideration.’
    • ‘‘Bliss is one of the few places where teenagers can get support and clear, unprejudiced information that can help them weave their way through the maze of adolescence,’ she says.’
    objective, impartial, unbiased, fair, neutral, even-handed, non-partisan, detached, uninvolved, disinterested
    unbiased, non-discriminatory, anti-discrimination, tolerant, liberal, broad-minded, open-minded, unbigoted, just, freethinking, progressive, enlightened
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