Definition of unpragmatic in English:



  • Not sensible or realistic.

    ‘the current policy is unsustainable and unpragmatic’
    • ‘There is a recklessly unpragmatic, art-for-art's sake quality to Real Madrid; a notion that it's not worth winning if you are not going to win well, if you don't combine efficiency with panache.’
    • ‘This unpragmatic approach has become a hallmark of post-cold war left commentary.’
    • ‘The left is seen by these insiders as silly, unpragmatic losers who must be eschewed.’
    • ‘Their campaigns are often criticized as unpragmatic, quixotic and idealistic.’
    • ‘Even when their power was broken, no government was unpragmatic enough to leave the provisioning of Paris to the free market forces.’
    theoretical, conceptual, notional, philosophical, hypothetical, speculative, conjectural, conjectured, suppositional, putative
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