Definition of unpopular in English:



  • Not liked or popular.

    ‘unpopular measures’
    ‘Luke was unpopular with most of the teachers’
    • ‘Yet the move is deeply unpopular in some quarters.’
    • ‘Why are we allowing our soldiers to risk their lives in the most unpopular war in Australian history?’
    • ‘If our government pursues an unpopular policy, it has to explain itself to the electorate.’
    • ‘Labour officials point to polls showing that negative campaigning is increasingly unpopular with voters.’
    • ‘Megawati's economic policies have also made her highly unpopular.’
    • ‘A company that has auditors poring over its accounts is unpopular at any time.’
    • ‘Last year's hike of seven per cent and the previous year's 16 per cent increase proved highly unpopular.’
    • ‘Elizabeth Littlewood said: " Locally, this is a very unpopular decision.’
    • ‘Regionally, US policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has made it extremely unpopular.’
    • ‘She was unpopular at times, but continued to strive for high standards.’
    • ‘Pressing ahead with another referendum would be deeply unpopular with the electorate.’
    • ‘Megawati should have the guts to make unpopular policies that will benefit the majority.’
    • ‘But the scheme and the Iraq war remain very unpopular.’
    • ‘Rates were paid only by householders, and became increasingly unpopular at a time of inflation.’
    • ‘Iraq is deeply unpopular with the French electorate as a whole.’
    • ‘She was 28 and unpopular from the start.’
    • ‘But the decision has proved hugely unpopular with fans.’
    • ‘But don't forget that Korea was one of the most unpopular wars.’
    • ‘As it was, the government remained unpopular among large sections of the population.’
    • ‘He introduced a series of unpopular economic austerity measures to cope with the country's increasing debt burden.’
    disliked, friendless, unliked, unloved, unbefriended, uncherished, hated, detested, despised, loathed
    unwanted, unwelcome, avoided, ignored, rejected, shunned, spurned, unsought after, out in the cold, cold-shouldered, out of favour, not in the swim, in bad odour
    sent to coventry
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