Definition of unpolitical in English:



  • Not concerned with politics.

    ‘large numbers of otherwise unpolitical people responded to the war’
    • ‘Tim Fischer seems to be one of those politicians who was statesman like, and amongst most Australians he seems to be viewed as a very unpolitical politician.’
    • ‘Right from the start we used dance music, which is always seen as unpolitical, non-conscious music.’
    • ‘The strongest legacy of Vermes's earlier work, however, is his portrayal of Jesus as totally unpolitical.’
    • ‘Reading it, one might be tempted to think that at bottom García Márquez has remained as unpolitical as when he started out.’
    • ‘But if Gray is a great political writer who can condense power struggles into arresting and superficially simplistic formulas, he is a remarkably unpolitical character too.’
    • ‘He rose quickly within its ranks, serving as military adviser in Jordan, until he was appointed in 1976 by Zulfikar Bhutto to become army Chief of Staff, largely for his unpolitical record.’
    • ‘This apparently most unpolitical subject is actually highly politically charged.’
    • ‘I would guess that one of the reasons our judiciary is somewhat unpolitical, is that it is so powerless.’
    • ‘Perhaps fittingly, Germany's Culture Minister saw Riefenstahl off with a bit of silly Marxism: ‘Her career shows that… art is never unpolitical, and that form and content cannot be separated from one another.’’
    • ‘Chairman Ciaran Toland says the group is completely unpolitical, and it is receives funding from members' donations and fund-raising events.’
    • ‘Too, his American Language, as unpolitical and as entertaining as anything he ever wrote, remained an ongoing project.’
    • ‘He was, you might say, a poet of the uncommonplace: a philosopher of the unphilosophical, a historian of the unhistorical and a politician of the unpolitical.’
    • ‘I'm not in the least bit Gandhian, people who're voracious and magpie-minded and unfocussed and unpolitical and far from noble usually aren't, and I'm one of those.’
    • ‘Finally, you must be audacious enough to insist that some reality of your completely unpolitical business is key to solving a current political crisis.’
    • ‘So it's kind of symbolic Islamisation inventing religious topics which are invading the public's fear and making it at the end an unpolitical place.’
    • ‘We have to return to the political situation in Rome, which led to the transformation of an unpolitical astronomer into a criminal.’
    • ‘Animal Farm emerged from and has generated political controversy, but it has also sometimes been naively misjudged as unpolitical.’
    • ‘The other thing I want to take issue with, with Todd, I actually think he's making an unstrategic, unpolitical argument, and that's because there is going to be some disorder in the streets.’
    • ‘Even judged as a piece of crusading journalism, it was curiously unpolitical.’