Definition of unpoetical in English:



  • See unpoetic

    • ‘In these unpoetical days, a wave of the Switch card does the job.’
    • ‘For the Australian situation presents a fairly clear-cut picture of some three distinct schools of poetry operating at a degree of intensity never before known in this remarkably uncultured and unpoetical country.’
    • ‘I am an actress, a mimicker, a sham creature - me… how I do loathe my most impotent and unpoetical craft!’
    • ‘A Poet is the most unpoetical of any thing in existence; because he has no Identity-he is continually in for-and filling some other Body…’
    • ‘Today I am full of, as Ogden Nash would say, "unpoetical material"; tonight Ester and Elisabeth are sitting in the room reading and talking poetry.’