Definition of unplucked in English:



  • Not plucked.

    ‘unplucked eyebrows’
    • ‘Only seven individuals appeared unplucked, with all feather tracts visibly intact.’
    • ‘Forget Kate Moss and Sienna Miller's hyped-up hippie glamour; Frida Kahlo is the woman who refused to exfoliate - who can forget that moustache, those unplucked eyebrows?’
    • ‘‘Indeed not, Mr. Phillet,’ he replied, trying to remember the last time he had seen a duck, unplucked, unsliced and not sitting at number six on the á la carte menu.’
    • ‘Dad, of course, will happily wallop an unplucked pheasant on the table during breakfast, before heading out to chase wee moosies from the grain store and inspect a few cow posteriors before sundown.’
    • ‘And here before me stands one who's yet unplucked…’
    • ‘In the example of the guitar string, the energy travels in the direction of the unplucked string, while the wave-like motion lies perpendicular.’
    • ‘I looked up suspiciously, a reasonably unplucked red-brown eyebrow poised in an unnatural position, dustpan and broom frozen in place resting on the top of the tarmac. ‘What's the catch?’’