Definition of unploughed in English:


(US unplowed)


  • 1(of an area of land) not having been ploughed.

    ‘an unploughed field’
    • ‘An unplowed grass field can look very much like any other field that's covered with snow.’
    • ‘You may as well expect a crop of corn on unplowed ground as a crop of grace until the soul is convinced of its being undone without a Savior.’
    • ‘It reads: ‘Sow for ourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love and break up your unplowed ground.’’
    • ‘Since local farmers preferred keeping all unplowed land in grass, absentee landowners votes were needed to allow Kriss to expand his operations.’
    • ‘Likening the heart to soil, and the work of the Spirit to a farmer sowing seeds, Cairns exhorts his readers to break up the unploughed ground.’
    • ‘Fields went unploughed as the men who usually did this were victims of the disease.’
    • ‘Daughmer Savannah, Crawford County, Ohio is the largest and best preserved remnant of the unplowed, deep soil prairies and savannahs that were present at the easternmost extension of the Prairie Peninsula prior to European settlement.’
    • ‘We had been admiring stylish old metal gates, and with the wide unploughed field boundaries had been singing the praises of the typically walker-friendly East Riding.’
    • ‘These sparrows breed in native shrub-steppe habitats or in small patches of unplowed grass and shrubs near agricultural fields.’
    • ‘Terminal plans show pipelines, with a 45-metre working width, running across seven of Les's fields - fields which have remained unploughed for generations and produce some of the finest grazing in Wales.’
    • ‘On every page of the Talmud, Lichtenstein tells us, ‘one feels the freshness of virgin birth, the angular edge of rough terrain plowed and yet unplowed, the beck of meandering paths charted and uncharted.’’
    • ‘Wilfrida opened the croft gate, and the women filed in, one by one before us, and stood on the unploughed plots of the croft.’
    • ‘It is also the time to break up the unplowed ground until the Lord comes and showers righteousness on you.’
    • ‘The relations between both counties are like an unploughed land.’
    • ‘More, parking areas may be rough and unplowed, making 4-wheel-drive a necessity for worry free parking.’
    • ‘It is, I think, handy to keep in mind that this is not unploughed field.’
    uncultivated, untilled, unplanted, unsown, unseeded, unused, undeveloped, dormant, resting, empty, bare, virgin
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  • 2North American (of a road) not cleared of snow by a snowplough.

    ‘in spring, the unploughed roads gradually lost their layers of snow’
    • ‘Though technically closed in winter, an unplowed mile-long access road leads skiers and snowshoers to the 1929 castlelike Vikingsholm and lake-level views of a snow-cloaked Fannette Island.’
    • ‘I walked Jasper tonight through sidewalks unplowed, drifts, banks, alleys, and he loved it: dogs love snow.’
    • ‘After a foot of fresh snow fell on my unplowed street, I rolled through the neighborhood without shifting the vehicle into any alternative terrain mode.’
    • ‘As it is, the wind is certainly howling and the snow is certainly blizzarding and the roads are unplowed, but if we had to get out to get somewhere, we could.’
    • ‘Snowmobilers could use all of the park's miles of unplowed roads, with the exception of the Going-to-the-Sun Road from Lake McDonald to the Jackson Glacier Overlook.’
    • ‘Ours took us on unplowed roads and fields where we'd think twice before taking a stock heavy-duty pickup.’
    • ‘So as a result the alleys remained upswept, the streets remained unplowed, and the windows remained undusted.’
    • ‘I watched his poor little car struggle up my unplowed driveway and was pleased to see that he proceeded down the street at a reasonable speed.’
    • ‘The hills are treacherous as the snow just keeps piling up on the unplowed roads.’
    • ‘Absurdly, I took the back roads route to the post office, which was twisty and hilly and totally unplowed.’
    • ‘The snow came down in handfuls and cars jackknifed to the left and right of us as we drove east on unplowed streets.’
    • ‘From the lake you can see Grand Teton, at 13,770 feet the monarch of Wyoming summits, looming over the snow-covered valley The quickest way to return is by snowshoe on the unplowed road.’
    • ‘Then came the snowstorm of February 1969, when Queens's streets lay unplowed for four days, stranding people without food and water and causing 26 deaths in the borough.’