Definition of unpledged in English:



  • 1Not bound by a pledge or promise to someone; uncommitted.

    ‘unpledged delegates who can vote which way they want’
    • ‘He had worked his way from the humblest station in life to his present eminence, unfettered by promises, unpledged to anybody and anything but the people and the welfare of our country.’
    • ‘Even if you won every remaining unpledged delegate, you would still fall 200 delegates short.’
    • ‘It's the question unpledged superdelegates want answered.’
    • ‘Asquith ended the pension announcement with the footnote that the Liberal party had fought 'the last election entirely unpledged on this matter'.’
    • ‘I sense it will be mere minutes before we start hearing from the frat boys who are overlooked in favor of younger, unpledged boys.’
    • ‘We have the superdelegates who are the 796 folks who are unpledged.’
    • ‘Parnell announced his intention to support Captain O'Shea as an unpledged parliamentary candidate for the vacant seat of Galway City.’
    1. 1.1 (of resources) not pledged or set aside for future use.
      ‘cash and unpledged investments totalled $68 million’
      • ‘Almost £500 m has been raised for the UN's consolidated drought appeal, but more than £700 m still remains unpledged.’
      • ‘It is unclear to me if the $13 million is actually unpledged cash or if it should be held in pledged deposits.’
      • ‘The other creditors who hold no collateral would get the proceed from the sale of the remaining unpledged assets.’
      • ‘Our cash and unpledged investments totaled $68.5 million versus debt of $52 million.’
      • ‘In order to conclude that the defendant had realisable assets in the companies he would have had to identify unpledged assets.’
      • ‘After the pledging, the three promoters are left with unpledged shares of 6.61 percent each, or together 19.83 per cent stake in the company.’
      • ‘They are assumed to share a ratable claim on the unpledged value of the company with other unsecured creditors.’
      • ‘We have more than $65 unpledged cash and investments at the end of the year.’