Definition of unpleasing in English:



  • Not giving satisfaction, especially of an aesthetic kind.

    ‘the sound was not unpleasing’
    • ‘A quick-tempered man will react more aggressively to an unpleasing situation than a placid one.’
    • ‘The thought of EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson meeting a grisly end in the Brussels public toilet where he hoped to seek refuge from the inexorable advance of pitiless technology is not unpleasing.’
    • ‘But the Egyptian sculptures at Wilton were unusual, and most contemporary collectors of Greco-Roman marbles would have considered such works barbarous and unpleasing.’
    • ‘Bleu Jour's is a fairly trad PC in a not unpleasing cube shape, but we still have standardised components in the shape of a full height 5.25 in bay and space for twin 3.5in drives.’
    • ‘A few minutes later the girl's doctor walked in with an unpleasing look in his eyes.’
    • ‘Oh… well you are winning in an aesthetically unpleasing way.’
    • ‘Alone in my bedroom with me, K'ohna inhaled deeply, causing her clothing to move in a way which was not unpleasing to the eye, the wrinkles upon the thin cloth smoothing out against her slightly curvaceous figure.’
    • ‘That first teacher was Barile, a coarse and unpleasing man, as well as an incapable one; but he was fair minded, after a fashion, and put Andrea into the way of finding better help.’
    • ‘Yes, my name is Briton, they supposedly conceived me there, kinda a gross story, the thought of my parents doing it is quite disgusting and unpleasing to my stomach.’
    • ‘Overall, though, music reproduction is clear and not unpleasing.’
    • ‘Religion determined politics because the most important thing in most lives was eternal salvation, and communities were reluctant to tolerate forms of belief unpleasing to God.’
    • ‘No, the face wasn't unpleasing - it was just unfamiliar.’
    • ‘Still, it's great to hear her croon her way through many of the other tracks, some fairly forgettable but not entirely unpleasing love songs.’
    • ‘It gets the round headlamps that everyone associates with a Jeep, and lines that are not nearly as unpleasing as the boxy Volvo-esque lines of its predecessor.’
    • ‘Elsewhere it is a similarly depressing story of industrial sheds, ugly roundabouts, sprawling car parks and aesthetically unpleasing supermarkets.’
    • ‘A few years ago, when MP3's were becoming big, Neil Young said that music had become sonically unpleasing to the ear.’
    • ‘It is widely regarded as an architectural disaster, aesthetically unpleasing and out of keeping with the rest of the College.’
    • ‘Some years ago her mother decided that her face would crack the painting in two if it were painted because she was so unpleasing to the eye.’
    • ‘Almost half of all planning applications for wind farms capable of generating 5MW to 15MW are refused planning approval because of their unpleasing visual impact on the landscape.’
    • ‘Overall, a not unpleasing design that's maybe a tad on the flashy side for me, but that's a matter of personal taste, and it clearly makes sense for Sendo to position it at the geeky end of the market.’
    unpleasant, disagreeable, displeasing, undesirable
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