Definition of unplayed in English:



  • Not played.

    • ‘By the end of it, only the best of the Lightning Seeds remained unplayed in my repertoire.’
    • ‘The only non-league side left, Telford, will have a less than money-spinning home tie with Burnley should they pull off the minor miracle of knocking out Millwall in an as yet unplayed fourth round tie.’
    • ‘Whilst rain and a number of unplayed fixtures contributed to their third place in the league, they ended up Cup winners.’
    • ‘Symphony #4 was finished in 1934 but languished unplayed until 1967, five years before the composer's death.’
    • ‘Chimoba said after being eliminated from the competition his team was now faced with the challenge of clearing the backlog of unplayed league games and finishing among the top three on the Premier league table.’
    • ‘The music remained unplayed to others, and for good reason - I am making it sound far more interesting than it actually was.’
    • ‘If the weather relents, it is hoped most of the unplayed games will be completed this coming weekend.’
    • ‘The final league tables, to be published shortly in the Evening Press, will show some unplayed fixtures.’
    • ‘The pile of unread books, unwatched DVDs and unplayed computer games that I amassed during my London shopping sprees attest to that.’
    • ‘I have been reacquainting myself with the music from Miss Saigon, from a tape which has remained unplayed in a box for ten years or so.’
    • ‘It'll lie in your record collection, unplayed, maybe, for years, but when you do play it, you'll enjoy listening.’
    • ‘The students still have a number of unplayed games to rearrange, but with a comfortable goal difference should gain promotion to division nine.’
    • ‘Some unplayed with games and books and even some baby toys found at the bottom of the toy box.’
    • ‘Very few favourites were left unplayed, and it was a stunning concert.’
    • ‘Five Card Cribbage is different: you only play up to 31 once and one or both players may have unplayed cards at the end of the play.’
    • ‘If the defender still has one or more unplayed cards, the attack now proceeds to the second phase.’
    • ‘And Green Buffaloes coach George Lwandamina said his team found it difficult to prepare and clear a number of unplayed league fixtures.’
    • ‘He recorded symphonies by the abstruse Robert Simpson; a series of unplayed Victorian concertos; music by Cecil Coles, killed in the First World War.’
    • ‘More composers wait their turn, including Weill, Krenek, and Toch - masters all and almost unplayed today.’
    • ‘Embsay are another side with the potential to get into the title race if they can convert their unplayed games into maximum points.’