Definition of unplausible in English:



  • Not plausible.

    ‘a speculative but not entirely unplausible hypothesis’
    • ‘Despite a persistence of unplausible actions, such as boat-jacking and the mysterious parachute disappearance, this is a video-game after all.’
    • ‘The suggestion here is that you cannot ‘do that ie. the preparation of the state will create the ‘right environment (at least that is how I understand it), but this argument seems very unplausible to me (this comes close to non-local conspiracy theories).’’
    • ‘The more unplausible the event the more it will hurt you.’
    • ‘We struggled to find anything remotely appealing, settling on a whisky and oatmeal parfait, because it came with ‘winter berries’ which sounded tart and refreshing, if unplausible.’
    • ‘So the story has it, but it doesn't strike me as unplausible; musicians can be utterly unserious people right up to the moment they pick up the instrument and produce something absolutely heartfelt and true.’