Definition of unplanted in English:



  • (of land) uncultivated.

    ‘an acre of unplanted Scottish moor’
    • ‘Yet, in the community garden I belong to, many plots go unplanted during the winter, as if they were soon to be covered with a blanket of snow.’
    • ‘Leave one section between poles unplanted for easy access.’
    • ‘Weeds grew in the unplanted fields and it was thought that woolybears became abundant in those fields, and later in the year moved to soybeans.’
    • ‘The Abu Shouk camp, on the outskirts of the provincial capital, Al-Fasher, is a far cry from Ismail's village, where he says houses lie in ruins and the fields unplanted.’
    • ‘People have to survive, and there is unplanted land - land that might be theirs morally, and so, they occupy it.’
    • ‘Only 70 percent of landholdings or estates may be planted; the unplanted land has been set aside as a nature preserve.’
    • ‘My own cats are too busy napping in the catnip to bother the rest of the yard, but when they do emerge from their stupors they'd rather watch the goldfish than scratch in the few inches of soil I've left unplanted.’
    • ‘Ahead of me, was a small unplanted area next to a road, if I could only make it.’
    • ‘Soil depletion has resulted, since the land is never left unplanted to regain its nutrients.’
    • ‘The rains will mean fields are left unplanted as those abandoned by fleeing villagers can no longer be sown this year. This leaves all those displaced without any secure source of food for the next 12 months.’
    • ‘As crops are harvested, replant or mulch unplanted areas.’
    • ‘Moving northwest, we find parts of North Dakota where the land is so dry that farmers have had to leave land unplanted for a year or more to store up enough water to grow the next crop.’
    • ‘Over the following days they would enjoy many conversations about the best place to site the roses, the clematis and the wildflowers Faith wanted, and she also had no difficulty in convincing him to leave three small patches unplanted.’
    • ‘Though my father was an avid gardener, he left that backyard unplanted.’
    • ‘Hikers have the right to walk on unplanted farmland.’
    • ‘Fallowing is the practice of leaving fields unplanted, in this case for at least a year to give the soil a chance to stock up enough moisture for a profitable crop.’
    • ‘Farmers left untilled and unplanted pathways through their fields to form roads for the passage of travelers.’
    • ‘If you're like me and have decided not to plant any more vegies or flowering annuals until the drought breaks, be very sure not to leave any unplanted garden soil exposed to the elements.’
    • ‘You could then leave it unplanted or try a variegated ivy, which is pretty unfussy.’
    • ‘The Minister reminded farmers to make sure that at least 50% of their land remains unplanted, in order to leave sufficient entitlements to consolidate.’
    uncultivated, unploughed, untilled, unsown, unseeded, unused, undeveloped, dormant, resting, empty, bare, virgin
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