Definition of unpin in English:



  • 1 Unfasten or detach by removing a pin or pins.

    ‘she unpinned the entry form from the noticeboard’
    • ‘‘Um, sure, I guess,’ Corrie said, unpinning the brooch and handing it to the man.’
    • ‘I unpinned the flyer and handed it to a less than enthusiastic Will, who frowned as she reluctantly took it from me, glancing again through the door Denny had disappeared through in the hope of him returning.’
    • ‘In The Paradine Case, when the well-bred Mrs. Paradine enters prison, a stern-looking matron unpins the unfortunate lady's hair and runs her fingers through it (looking for contraband, apparently).’
    • ‘She ushered Eliza over to the maple dressing table and began unpinning her bonnet.’
    • ‘To win a tournament, I'll string a big fish or get its body into the basket before unpinning the lure.’
    • ‘Henriette replied distractedly, trying to buckle her shoe without unpinning the flower at her waist.’
    • ‘He picked it up, and used a rough edge on the right side of the gun to puncture and deflate the airbag, unpinning him from his seat.’
    • ‘However, Bradley Roth of Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, cautions that while unpinning a trapped wave may be a useful step, ‘you want to get rid of it ‘entirely to restore normal heart function.’’
    • ‘‘I believe we need to talk,’ I muttered to her as two handmaidens pulled down her veil and went to unpin her train and carry it behind her.’
    • ‘With enemy bullets pinging off his gear, Martinez unpinned the grenade, slammed his body into the adobe building, and lobbed the device into the window of the structure, killing all the terrorists inside.’
    • ‘She unpinned the part of her hair that had been tied back hours ago and it fell free.’
    • ‘It's still drying/blocking, I just unpinned the pieces for the photo-shoot.’
    • ‘‘That's right,’ she said, unpinning the scarf and allowing her chestnut hair to cascade poetically over her shoulders.’
    • ‘Wylie unpinned Holly's diaper, saw that it was clean, and refastened it.’
    • ‘Match all the edges of the fronts exactly, taking care not to shift that unpinned pocket.’
    • ‘Without unpinning the pockets, mark the location for each one.’
    • ‘I dropped Fanny's petticoat that I had been unpinning from the clothesline and ran inside after my sister.’
    • ‘In my groggy state, I had strapped in without unpinning the ejection seat.’
    • ‘She unpinned her bandage, and loosened it considerably.’
    • ‘After instructing one of the maids to fetch him a comfortable chair for him to stay the night in, he unpinned Ral's hair and let it down to cascade about the pillow and her shoulders.’
    1. 1.1Chess Release (a pinned piece or pawn), e.g. by moving away the piece it is shielding.
      • ‘Here Black brings the black warlord into play, unpins the g-pawn, and keeps the rook active - you can't expect more from one Fritz-unapproved move!’
      • ‘Eaton's 5 is built around the various ways in which White can unpin his own pieces.’
      • ‘White move: rook unpinned by queen move selfpins.’
      • ‘Always unpin is a good maxim, as a pin is ALWAYS a negative feature of your position, as 1 or 2 pieces have restricted mobility and a later combination may be possible.’
      • ‘Each move by the black queen defeats the threat, but also unpins the white bishop.’
      untied, unpinned, unbound, hanging free, down, flowing, floppy
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