Definition of unpicturesque in English:



  • Not picturesque.

    ‘a dreary unpicturesque village’
    • ‘Representing France, Jean-Marc Bustamante conjures a ‘Pavilion of the Amazons,’ which centers on four large color photographs of solitary, unsmiling young women standing in resolutely unpicturesque landscapes.’
    • ‘Hilary Mantel was born in 1952 and brought up in an unpicturesque village in Derbyshire, in the northwest of England.’
    • ‘It is a changeover from the charm of backwardness to unpicturesque, unmagical modernization; and it was more or less total across the thirty-two counties, so that now a cottage with the thatch still on it is a rare sight.’
    • ‘Far better for society's conscience, then, that a bum should fall through the cracks and freeze to death on a park bench, than that he should live an unpicturesque life in an SRO, within the bounds of society.’
    • ‘When he depicts a bridge, as he frequently does, he chooses an unpicturesque bridge, which offers an excuse for making a striking pattern of light and shade.’
    • ‘Although viewers typically want to be seduced by Impressionism, this show also contains some paintings that are admirably unpicturesque.’