Definition of unpicked in English:



  • 1(of a flower, fruit, or vegetable) not picked.

    ‘unpicked tomatoes’
    • ‘There was the scent of warming jasmine and ripe figs, hanging unpicked on the trees.’
    • ‘There were tales of unsold wines, people losing their wineries, and vines in the central valley left unpicked or being grubbed up for other crops.’
    • ‘Corporate access to transport, education and, above all, health service provision was seen as the great unpicked cherry - an arena that offered potentially vast and hitherto untapped profits.’
    • ‘Shemitah means to drop; it refers to the practice of letting fruit, vegetables, and stalks fall to the ground, unpicked and unutilized by people.’
    • ‘There is just the unpicked coffee on the mountainside and there are goats and the dogs and now the darkness.’
    • ‘A ranch owner watches his unpicked crop shrivel in the heat and people of color are besieged by the question of the day: Are you Mexican?’
    • ‘Michael Porter, focusing on large businesses, argues that waste generating firms do not readily identify all possible opportunities for reducing wastes at low cost - some low hanging fruit are left unpicked.’
    • ‘The abundance of apple sellers, though, harks back to the old days when all the crops would be gathered in and no fruit picked after this date for the puca, a supernatural being, would be busy spoiling unpicked fruit at Halloween.’
    • ‘However, on a significant number of plants in a field the fruits may be particularly tenacious and these plants go unpicked as workers move on to plants with more easily detached fruits.’
  • 2Not selected.

    • ‘Raised in a Catholic family of regular churchgoers, Hilgenbrinck played soccer at Clemson and hooked on with the Chilean first division after he went unpicked in the 2004 MLS draft.’
    • ‘He went unpicked in the 2002 NBA Draft after averaging 9.0 points and 6.5 boards as a senior during the 2001-02 season.’
    • ‘After Weise went unpicked for a second straight time in the NHL Entry Draft, the 6-foot-2, 206-pound forward had an epiphany.’