Definition of unphysiologically in English:



  • See unphysiological

    • ‘If ATP hydrolysis occurred at unphysiologically low ATP concentration, a three-stepped rotation was detected.’
    • ‘Imaging under TIRFM is restricted to a thin layer underneath the plasma membrane, which adheres unphysiologically to the coverglass.’
    • ‘The invention relates to the use of flupirtine or its salts for the production of a medicament for the prophylaxis and therapy of disorders which accompany an unphysiologically high cell death rate.’
    • ‘At unphysiologically low temperatures, both the ATPase rates and mechanical properties are slower with slow than with fast muscle preparations.’
    • ‘From the time they are microscopic, solid tumors contain regions of severe hypoxia, unphysiologically low pH, and nutrient deprivation.’