Definition of unphysiologic in English:



  • See unphysiological

    • ‘I believe the major reason for the miserable results of chronic dialysis is that we dialyze in an increasingly unphysiologic fashion.’
    • ‘A method is also described for detecting unphysiologic tendon translation denoting tendon instability in the carpal tunnel of a person who engages in repetitive hand motion.’
    • ‘They no longer act as gentle restrainers of function, as preventives of unphysiologic waste, but as poisons.’
    • ‘They quote advice given in 1944 to always consider ‘bed rest as a highly unphysiologic and definitely hazardous form of therapy, to be ordered only for specific indications and discontinued as early as possible.’’
    • ‘It has long been suspected that the unphysiologic manner in which it pumps blood disrupts nerve cells in the brain, leading to the cognitive decline.’