Definition of unpersuaded in English:



  • Not persuaded; unconvinced.

    ‘he is unpersuaded that Eurocrats will be much help’
    • ‘Indeed, in so far as it is material, I am wholly unpersuaded that the chronology of events which appears in the affidavits shows due diligence on her part.’
    • ‘Naturally, people on the other side are likewise unpersuaded by my views; I can't prove the soundness of my position any more than (I think) the other side can prove the soundness of its.’
    • ‘Deco even appealed for a penalty after a Zagorakis challenge in the 50th minute but his unpersuaded team-mates showed no signs of hectoring the German referee Markus Merk.’
    • ‘He has various other addresses at which he lives, and we are quite unpersuaded that he lives at Westwood for more than the odd night in the year.’
    • ‘Despite that experience, however, Turow remained unpersuaded that abolition was the solution.’
    • ‘In order to persuade the unpersuaded to embrace rather than undermine our values, we need to display them as universal and not exclusive.’
    • ‘I pointed this out to my friend, a feminist who campaigns tirelessly for the rights of women, but she was unpersuaded.’
    • ‘I remain unpersuaded that it was other than a death by natural causes.’
    • ‘So the facts that Powell deployed, and the pattern they form, will not persuade people determined to be unpersuaded.’
    • ‘One of them is Hilary Wainwright, who expresses herself unpersuaded by her ‘former comrade in the Young Liberals’, Peter Hain.’
    • ‘Notwithstanding these imperfections, originalism does answer most constitutional questions, and I remain unpersuaded that there is a better method of constitutional interpretation available.’
    • ‘I am entirely unpersuaded by the suggestion made by Mr Bate that this evidence had a great impact on the jury.’
    • ‘Insiders say First Minister Jack McConnell remains unpersuaded by the costly policy, but it is likely to remain as one of the few tangible examples of how the Executive has provided at the front line.’
    • ‘Now the votes are counted, perhaps it can be more outward-looking, seeking not only to persuade the unpersuaded but to listen to them as well.’
    • ‘In 1999 he turned down an honorary degree from Oxford on account of it being funded by Rupert Murdoch, unpersuaded even by the arguments about ‘bad money being put to good uses’.’
    • ‘Mr Ennis emerged from the 10-minute private conversation to say he was unpersuaded.’
    • ‘Yet I remain unpersuaded, even after reading this piece by John Stossel about the consequences of Edwards’ work.’
    • ‘I should record, however, that I am unpersuaded by the reasons for delay set out at the end of the Form 86A. I accept, of course, that the merits of the argument may also be relevant in deciding whether or not the time limits should be extended.’
    • ‘I was very unpersuaded by the letter by Anna Hirsch-Holland.’