Definition of unperfected in English:



  • Not perfected.

    ‘an unperfected sketch’
    • ‘By contrast, the modern philosophers of self-esteem encourage a complacent adoration of the unperfected self.’
    • ‘And like the unperfected Polaroid of a beginning we've forgotten, it should fade into oblivion in no time.’
    • ‘These were however my secrets, the unperfected features of my craft.’
    • ‘As for our own unperfected democracy, countless micro-conflicts - from drive-by slayings to gang brawls - continue without respite.’
    • ‘That phenomenon was joined by another emergent aspect of software culture: the ultimately successful argument to customers that an unfinished, unperfected product is a lot better than no product at all.’
    • ‘Untouched by the refining force of kairos, wild nature and its savage denizens were shown in their original, unperfected state.’
    • ‘A classic example of this is the software industry's so-far-successful practice of offering unfinished or (to put it charitably) unperfected products for sale and assuming no liability when those products fail to perform reliably.’