Definition of unpardonably in English:



  • See unpardonable

    • ‘With the exception of the unpardonably boring Navarone, these are movies I loved when I was nine and will probably still love if I ever hit 90.’
    • ‘For fear of being thought unpardonably stupid, the multitudes enthusiastically applauded his public modelling of his invisible clothes.’
    • ‘Geremi and the shrewd Crespo linked fluently on the right after 31 minutes, but Eidur Gudjohnsen was hasty and his shot over the bar from the Argentinian's pass was unpardonably wild.’
    • ‘In fact, Mark Twain once said, ‘There are few things that are so unpardonably neglected in our country as poker… Why, I have known clergymen, good men, kindhearted, liberal, sincere, and all that, who did not know the meaning of a ‘flush’.’
    • ‘There is also one instance of unpardonably atrocious editing.’