Definition of unpadded in English:



  • Not padded.

    • ‘So there's now a much larger unpadded surface for outfielders to crash into, and the board has more sharp edges to deflect balls.’
    • ‘The straps, on this type of bag, avoid the pinching of the shoulders by narrow unpadded straps on other backpacks.’
    • ‘Don't worry, when you get your own quarters it'll be a nice place with unpadded walls and lots of shelf space.’
    • ‘A lot of riders are choosing the unpadded gloves to save a sum.’
    • ‘The shuttle landed upside down, and if she hadn't been wearing her seat belt, Saffron likely would have crushed her skull on the shuttle's unpadded metal ceiling.’
    • ‘The evaluation was made by attaching the headband to a free motion head form, and firing the headform at 24 km/h at an unpadded beam that had similar characteristics to a vehicle A-pillar, simulating a frontal collision.’
    • ‘All I want is a black, front hook, unpadded 36A bra?’
    • ‘At the top of the theater, the benches are steep, unpadded, unbacked.’
    • ‘Well, Smarty Jones once reared up and hit his head on a piece of unpadded iron on a starting gate at Philadelphia Park.’
    • ‘I used a pair of unpadded Hatch kevlar gloves for the chronograph session.’
    • ‘In 1983 Luis Resto, a journeyman junior-middleweight, proved how dangerous fighting with an unpadded glove could be when he administered a terrible beating to the previously undefeated Billy Collins.’
    • ‘It opens like three psychotics running around at full speed in an unpadded cell, bouncing into walls and bashing into each other.’
    • ‘It has a two-way zipper around the unpadded ends and top and two large carry straps around the girth.’
    • ‘Another problem is that narrow unpadded shoulder straps, can dig into the shoulder causing pain, numbness and tingling in the hands and arms.’