Definition of unoriginality in English:



  • See unoriginal

    • ‘Now there's a true conservative's flare for unoriginality.’
    • ‘Listening to this CD, I discovered depths of bad music, bad programming, and unoriginality I never even knew existed.’
    • ‘Irish directors are the root of the problem, he says: an expletive-laden diatribe against their complacency and unoriginality demonstrates the depth of his feeling on the subject.’
    • ‘Contestants are rewarded for unoriginality and short-term profit gains, proving that the spirit of Enron will continue to thrive as long as audiences deem The Apprentice a hit, rather than giving it the miss it deserves.’
    • ‘The very unoriginality of the slogans points to the fact that they're not in the authorial voice but are more description of the cultural landscape.’